Get well Steve!

Messages of Support for Steve Hausfeld

Steve’s Journey

On October 29th, Steve was diagnosed with COVID-19. Five days later, he would be laying unconscious on a respirator at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton and would remain sedated and immobile for the next 29 days.

On December 3rd, after making slow and steady progress, his breathing tube was replaced by a tracheostomy tube, and he was transferred to Kindred Hospital where he continues his recovery.

Recently, because of COVID concerns, Kindred Hospital had to close its doors to visitors, leaving Steve to face recovery without his family by his side.

This is where we need your help!

Share Your Love!

Steve’s care team has offered to share your greetings with him every day. We invite you to share a video greeting of support to replace the face-to-face visits he’s become accustomed to! If you can’t create a video, you can also share a note of encouragement online or send a card. Let’s let Steve know that we’re by his side.

Mailing Address:
Kindred Hospital
Steve Hausfeld Room 2032
707 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd
Dayton, OH 45417

Video Upload

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January 7th – The milestones are getting even more significant for Steve as he spends more time off of the ventilator. Today, his care team surprised his brother Jim during his daily FaceTime call by debuting Steve’s temporary voicebox! For the first time since early November, Steve was finally able to speak to those around him! He sounds great, he’s in great spirits and he’s already begun teasing the nurses. Keep the positive energy coming. Steve is coming back!

January 5th – A big day for Steve today as he breathed on his own without support from his ventilator or C-PAP machine!  Jim and Larry had a Facetime call with him, and he looked great and was all smiles (mixed with a few emotional tears.)  The nurses tell us he’s more responsive and engaged every day, and his outgoing personality is starting to reveal itself. His room is covered in cards, letters and well-wishes, and the nurses seem to enjoy taking care of the guy they’re calling “The Mayor of Maria Stein.”  He lights up when he sees your messages and videos so keep the positive energy coming and let’s get Stevie home!

Thank You

Steve’s community of friends and neighbors has been so good to him over the years, and now, when he needs support more than ever, we’ve been touched by the outpouring of love. Special thanks to the hard-working teams at Miami Valley Hospital and Kindred Hospital and thank you so much for continuing to keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers.